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World of Blocks is a new voxel sandbox game being programmed and designed by Red Coin Games where the user is able to build and destory the world as they see fit. Currently the game is still in "Alpha-Dev", which includes just basic mechanics of the game. Some gameplay mechanics include a "God Mode" where inventory is unlimited and flying is planned to be enabled. A leveling system is also being designed so that you will have a RPG feel to the game.                            

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Re-Building From The Ground Up.

Were now going through the process of re-building the engine from the ground up. Snapshots will **hopefully** be released while were working on the new engine. The new release of the game wont be avalible for a matter of months. However, the current version snapshots are coming pretty soon.

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Future Development.

Trains, Motion Blur, Day/Night, Crafting, Survival, Minions, Creatures/Monsters are all on the agenda for upcomming freatures.

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